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This Snack Is Perfect For The Midnight Munchies

Mixed Box
Mixed Box 12 Pack $ 23.99
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We're gonna keep this real simple.

Order one or two boxes for your first order.

If you don't like the bars, just let us know and we'll immediately issue a 100% refund (including any shipping). You don't need to return anything to us, or jump through any other silly hoops.

All we ask is that you take your remaining bars and share them with friends, family, coworkers, etc... Even though you didn't love them, most people do!

This way you get all your money back with no hassle, your friends get to try something free that they'll probably love, and we'll likely find a new customer or two that wouldn't have otherwise known about NightFood.

Everybody wins, and you're the hero who made it all happen!

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Hey, we know how it is…night cravings are really tough. At night, willpower gets weaker while junk cravings are strongest. That’s why we end up making such regrettable snack choices at night.

We’ve spent years studying nighttime snacking habits and the biology of night cravings, with some of the leading experts in the world on our team.

If you want to make it through the night without ending up in the junk, you need a plan.

Delicious Nightfood bars get you through the night in a better, healthier, more sleep friendly way.

You know those cravings you get most nights? They’re not going away. They’re biological.

That's the problem, and Nightfood is the solution. Order now.

P.S. If you don't like the bars, just let us know and get your money back. Easy stuff.

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The Night Snacking Problem

  • “People around the world show remarkable similarity in their daily eating habits: meals start off healthy in the morning, but get progressively worse throughout the day – until by nightfall we're deep into junk food territory.”

    - National Public Radio (NPR)
  • "When you're tempted to dive face-first into a bag of chips could be tied to your body’s circadian rhythm: Cravings for sweet, salty, and starchy foods peak in the evening, when hunger levels are also at their highest, according to a new study in the journal Obesity."

    - Women's Health
  • "While sticking to any healthy eating plan takes work, many people report that they most often get tripped up in the evening hours, when they finish work or other daytime duties and loosen their belt."

    - Weight Watchers
  • “When you’re sleepy you’re more likely to succumb to eating unhealthy food.”

    - Time Magazine
  • "A new study from Oregon Health & Science University and Harvard University found that it’s your body’s internal clock, the circadian system, that may be causing late-night cravings for sweet, starchy and salty foods."

    - Prevention Magazine
Mixed Box
Mixed Box 12 Pack $ 23.99