nightfood FAQ

Nightfood is pretty revolutionary. We’re not surprised you want to learn more…

Ice Cream

How does Nightfood ice cream deliver such great creamy taste with so little sugar and fat?

Will it put me to sleep? Can I have Nightfood during the day? Or will that mess up my body or the space-time continuum?

What makes Nightfood the right choice at nighttime?

Is Nightfood gluten-free?

Is Nightfood Kosher?

Does Nightfood contain Erythritol or sucralose or other artificial, weird tasting sweeteners?

Is Nightfood’s milk hormone-free?

There are already lots of 'healthier' ice creams out there with less sugar and fat, .. why do I need Nightfood?

How does it taste?

Is it safe for women who are pregnant or nursing?

I’m lactose intolerant. Can I have Nightfood?

This is a really cool idea. Can I invest in the company?

Sleep-Friendly Snacking

What does it mean to be “sleep-friendly”? Does it contain medicine or sleep-aids?

Is it safe for kids and the whole family?

What makes Nightfood the right choice at nighttime?

Are you suggesting people eat ice cream or cookies at night as a sleep aid?

Why sleep-doctors? Who are they?

I sleep fine, why do I need a sleep-friendly snack?

What is daylight cravings time?

What's the deal with the tryptophan content?

Why are there added protein, pre-biotic fiber and lactase?

Why are there added vitamins and minerals?

Does Nightfood contain erythritol or sucralose or other artificial sweeteners?