Keeps You Away from Junk Food

1. Keeps you away from the junk

If you’re like most of us, the main problem isn’t that you’re snacking at night. The problem is WHAT you’re snacking on. Cookies, ice cream and chips rule the night, but many people also choose "healthy" protein and energy bars which actually increase energy when you are trying to power down. Those unhealthy cravings night aren’t going away…they’re hard-wired into your biology. So, you need to try something different.

2. Sleep-friendly nutritional profile

I've been mentioning proper night snacking in my books for over a decade. Nightfood is the only snack formulated with sleep in mind. This means less sugar, more fiber, not too much protein. It also means being mindful of caffeine, and energy boosting B-vitamins found in so many other healthy snacks. Plus Nightfood contains patented Chocamine® to deliver many of the health benefits of chocolate without the caffeine and that other stuff you want to avoid.

3. Snack without the guilt

You’ve probably been working hard to eat better all day. At night, you’re prone to have the occasional “snaccident”. Nightfood gives you permission to enjoy your nighttime snack, and feel good about knowing you’re not undermining your diet, or impairing your sleep.

4. Something to look forward to

I recommend a nighttime routine that includes having a set bedtime nightly, having some time to wind down, and minimizing exposure to electronics. Having a consistent routine, including your snack, can really help in so many ways. Many consumers report looking forward to their Nightfood bar as part of that wind-down process.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

5. Satisfaction guarantee

This is really interesting. If you don’t like the bars, you get an easy refund without a return. The “catch”? Just share your remaining bars with friends & family, who would probably love the opportunity to try them. Such a great policy.

6. Great Taste!

Let’s face it, without great taste, nobody would care about any of the other benefits. At night, you need something that can really satisfy those cravings. Carrot sticks and rice cakes won’t do it for most people. Nightfood bars are delicious, with a ton of 5-star reviews. I personally love the Midnight Chocolate warmed up in the microwave. I think you will too.
Reviews and Ratings

Dr. Michael J. Breus, PhD – The Sleep DoctorTM

Michael Breus, PhD, known by millions as The Sleep DoctorTM, has written several best-selling books about sleep. By serving as resident Sleep Expert on WebMD for more than 14 years, and having made dozens of national TV appearances on Dr. Oz, The Today Show, The View, Oprah, The Doctors and more, he has become America’s “go to” authority on sleep related issues.
After his public writings on night snacking years ago helped inspire the founding of Nightfood, Dr. Breus recently accepted an invitation to join the Company as a scientific advisor.