Hey, we get it. Spending over twenty bucks for an entire box of snack bars you've never even tried before is kind of a leap. Everybody wants better nighttime snacking, but nobody wants to get stuck with a box of bars they don't like.

So, after what seemed like a million people asking to order just a bar or two, we finally let the marketing department talk us into doing this trial sampler.

You pay only $4.95 and we send you two bars, one of each flavor. By the time we cover the cost of the bars, the postage, and pay the sexy people in the warehouse, it costs us about $6 on average to get these delivered to you. But hey, we're not complaining. Of course, if you don't become a regular customer after trying the bars, heads will roll in marketing. But that's their problem, not yours.

So, go ahead, order now...your bars will ship from our warehouse in PA in one business day and your nighttime snacking problem will be eliminated forever. No future commitments, no automatic shipments, no nonsense. Just your one-time order, and us betting you'll love them so much, you'll be back in a few days ordering truckloads.

Order now & see you soon!