Nightfood Brand Ambassador Program Terms

  1. Influencer agrees to use the hashtag #sponsored, #ad, or #paid in all social media posts. All statements must reflect the Influencers honest & truthful opinions & experiences.

  1. Influencer agrees to tag @therealnightfood and use the hashtag #feedthecravemonster in all endorsement posts

  1. Influencer agress to post once a month with no more than 35 days between posts

  1. Posts should alternate between videos, pictures and stories

  1. You’re open to post about new flavors/supermarkets we’re in! Also, from time to time, we will let you know of new information and ask you to mention it in your next post (for example, we may ask you to mention that we hit shelves in a new supermarket chain in a given month)

  1. Make sure to reach out to if you have ANY questions whatsoever.

  1. Influencer agrees to immediately remove any content deemed by Nightfood to be harmful to the brand. Examples include inaccurate information (i.e. accidentally declaring our ice cream as “vegan”) and claims that may run afoul of FDA or FTC guidelines.  Should Nightfood request content be taken down for these or other valid reasons, Influencer agrees to replace with new content to fulfill their deliverable obligations.

  1. Nightfood has the right to promote and repurpose the content generated by influencer during the term of the agreement.

  1. During the term of the Agreement, the Influencer may not provide similar services to any company manufacturing or distributing any ice cream products, or any snacks in traditionally unhealthy categories (cookies, chips, ice cream, candy…). The Influencer may promote “healthy” snacks and food products like protein powders, yogurts, and other nutrition bars are allowed, as long as they are not branded or marketed for the night snacking or nighttime nutrition occasion.

  1. Influencer agrees to not disparage or otherwise speak negatively about Nightfood products, the company, or its partners, management, or employees.

  1. Influencer agrees not to make public any information shared by Nightfood that is clearly labeled “CONFIDENTIAL” when shared.

  1. Influencer agrees to share the Nightfood concept and raise awareness of the brand with other influential individuals in their professional and social circle.

  1. By registering for this program, and requesting and receiving any quantity of free Nightfood products, the Influencer agrees to be bound by the above terms.